Sticky Fingers... Who's Got My Tuba?

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The saying goes, 'A thief will take anything.' And a Gulfport High Sophomore has found that to be all too true.

A fundraiser last week quickly turned into chaos for Band Members from the school when one of their instruments vanished.

It happened last week on the corner of Pass Road and Cowan Lorraine in Gulfport. Now the search is on for the missing tuba.

These days, Nikki Walker is fine tuning his skills for his next season with the Gulfport High Band. He joined his band mates for a fundraiser last week and brought his tuba along, but after breaking for a bite to eat, his tuba disappeared.

"How could somebody steal a tuba? My friend was like, 'Sorry for jinxing you.' And I thought somebody had took it from within the band and brought it to where it was. So I went around to the Kmart parking lot and nobody had it," said Gulfport High Sophomore Nikki Walker.

Though everyone Walker asked told him they didn't have the tuba, his Band Director said someone has it, and he wants it back.

"To replace that instrument is about $6,800 dollars. And so with the situation we're in, we're only able to buy an instrument like that you know, once in every probably 10 years," said Band Director Zachary Harris.

If the tuba doesn't turn up, Harris said it's his students who'll suffer.

"Those students can't afford to purchase those instruments. The district provides them with those. They get to check them out and use those all the way through their high school career," Harris said. "So for us to lose one, it kind of hurts a little."

A tuba is such a large the instrument, it's hard to imagine how anyone could walk away with it unnoticed.

"I would like for them to please tell me. Because I know three people were there, they could of saw it, but they were scared to tell anybody or something," said Walker.

Old tuba parts will come out of boxes and be pieced together so Walker can still make music with the band until his tuba comes home.

Until the tuba is returned, the Band Director will try to reassemble an older tuba and get in good enough condition for use.

If you know anything about this situation you're asked to call the Gulfport Police Department at 228-868-5959.

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