FBI Touting New Rules for Cyberspace

(Washington-AP) -- You might think it as a cross between Miss Manners the Lone Ranger on the Internet. The Justice Department and the Information Technology Association of America has launched something called the Cybercitizen Partnership to encourage educators and parents to talk to children about the do's and don't's of online life.

The site discourages practices like software piracy and online cheating. For example, young people are being taught to equate breaking into a computer system with lax security to breaking into someone's home if the door is unlocked. One challenge in making it hard to teach the new rules -- the attitudes of many young people. For example, a recent survey found that nearly half of students in elementary and middle school don't consider hacking illegal.

You can visit the Cybercitizen Partnership website at http://www.cybercitizenpartners.org.