MS Gubernatorial Debate tonight on WLOX-TV,

JACKSON, MS (WLOX/WLBT) - Seven of the top contenders for the state's top job will debate tonight in Jackson, and you can catch all of the action on WLOX-TV and

The primary election is less than two weeks away, so this may be your last chance to hear from so many of the gubernatorial candidates at one time. Those candidates taking part include: James Broadwater (R), Phil Bryant (R), Dave Dennis (R), Johnny Dupree(D), Hudson Holliday (R), Bill Luckett (D) and Ron Williams (R).

"This kind of debate really offers an unblemished way of looking at the candidates, hearing what they have to say," political consultant Jere Nash said.

Political expert Andy Taggart expects jobs and the economy will likely be key discussions during the debate.

"Folks that don't have jobs need them. Folks that have jobs are concerned about their jobs," Taggart said.

Thursday night's debate could be somewhat historic, since it's rare for Democrats and Republicans to debate together before a primary election.

"I can't think of an example in which there's been a head to head debate with candidates from both parties prior to a primary," Taggart said.

Out of the seven debating tonight, two are Democrats. Nash said putting a Democrat in the Governor's seat has lots to do with which Democrat wins the primary.

"Both Bill Luckett and Johnny Dupree bring different strengths to a general election campaign, so we just have to see who wins the nomination," Nash said.

Regardless of who you vote for, it's just important to vote.

"The more people that are holding them accountable, the harder it is for them to do something their voters would not want to do."

The debate will take place from 7pm to 9pm at the Mississippi School College of Law, and will air on Raycom Media stations all across Mississippi: WLOX in Biloxi, WDAM in Hattiesburg, and WLBT in Jackson. WLOX's David Elliott will represent Gulf Coast voters on the panel questioning the candidates.

You can also watch the debate live online tonight at

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