Waveland shooting survivor: 'He just barely missed my heart'

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - A Waveland teenager who survived six bullets is thankful to be alive. Glen Delsied is now recovering at home. Two men suspected of the attack are in jail, charged with armed robbery.

In an exclusive interview with WLOX's Al Showers, the young victim shared what he calls a life changing experience.

"I have a entrance wound from the bullet here and it exited here," Delsied said, pointing to the wounds on his chest. "I'm lucky he just barely missed my heart."

Delsied said he'll never forget feeling six bullets pierce body.

"I was shocked that this was happening."

Late on the evening of June 27, Delsied was walking home from a friend's house on Hogan Street, when a car stopped and a man emerged.

"When he got closer, he asked me, 'Where is Waveland?' And I said, 'You're in Waveland.' And that's when he pulled the gun out and he said, 'It's your un-lucky day.' And he just hit me over the head a couple of times and said, 'This is a real gun. This is a real gun. You feel that?' He must have hit me three times over the head with it."

Delsied said the gunman then demanded his wallet and everything in his pockets.

"I started taking my stuff out and I started handing it to him. All the time he still had the gun pointed at my stomach."

Things got worse when the gunman discovered a bank card.

"He was like, 'How much you got in it?' I told him I probably got, like, maybe three dollars in it. He seemed mad at that and he threw the card."

Then the shooting started.

"Shot me in the stomach and I dropped and he just kept on shooting."

When it stopped, Delsied stayed still until he knew the shooter was gone. Somehow he found the strength to get up to flag down a passing car.

"I tried waving it down, telling them that I was shot, stop, and they just swerved around me."

He finally found help, at a house a half a block down the street.

"Thankfully the people opened the door and called the cops for me."

Thankful to be alive, Delsied said the attack left him a changed man.

"I used to go out and, like, not have a care in the world about what would happen. Now, I just think back. It was basically going to happen to somebody else, regardless. I'm just happy they're off the street and nobody else got hurt."

Michael Demond Tillis and Timothy Martez Swan are both charged with armed robbery. Investigators said the day after the arrests that the suspects "confessed to being out, trying to steal and make a buck," when they saw the victim walking down the road.

Tillis and Swan are both 21, and recently moved to the coast from Jackson.

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