Jackson Co. Planning Commission: Trailers must go

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - When you drive into the Village subdivision, the first thing you see are two trailers.  It's something the people who live here don't want to see any longer.

The owner of one trailer, Kelly Singleton of Singleton Development, went to the planning commission today asking for another extension.

Before the vote, people who call the Village home had their say. One of them was Opal LaSalle.

"The way I give directions to my home is you come down Hamil Farm Road, look for the ugly construction trailer and my driveway is directly across the street," LaSalle said.

Most of the commissioners hearing the case were in agreement, including Rickey Murphy.

"It is not in harmony with the neighborhood," Murphy said.  "At the time, it wasn't a problem because there weren't a lot of houses built.  Now there are."

The view from the front window of Opal LaSalle's home shows both trailers. It's a view she doesn't like.

"I don't see any reason that I should have to open my front door and look at those two trailers across the street any longer," LaSalle said.  "The water office trailer is completely empty."

The trailers went up seven years ago on a temporary basis. Commissioner felt that was long enough, and with a 6-1 vote, told Singleton his trailer had to go.

Kelly Singleton, the owner of Singleton Development, declined to be interviewed on camera for this story, but did say he hopes cooler heads prevail at the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. That's where he plans on appealing the planning commission ruling.

That's disappointing news for the president of the homeowner's association, Lance Robinson.

"Well, we wish he would not appeal. He has a right to do so, but I think the homeowners have spoke out here," Robinson said.  "We have nothing against the developer personally. It's just this is not a place to have to have a business set up in our neighborhood."

Singleton has 10 days to file an appeal with the board of supervisors. If he loses there as well, he could still appeal that decision to circuit court.

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