Kitchen fire to blame for Orange Grove house fire

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Looking at the side of a Gulfport home located on Barrone Street,  it seems quiet and untouched. However, it was a very different scene as the sun was rising Wednesday.

"Our crews arrived to find flames coming out the front of the house and also, heavy involvement in the back as well," said Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt.  "It had the chain reaction where oxygen, heat, fuel, were all working, and so it was a very heavily involved fire when our crew got here."

A fire broke out in the kitchen around four in the morning. It quickly spread to engulf around 75 percent of the house.

The family luckily escaped.  Only one child had a minor burn on the back of the hand, and was treated on scene.

Paint on the exterior of the home has bubbled and pealed from heat, and a doorknob is now rendered useless as only the frame of the door remains.  All this damage, caused by an everyday activity.

"Kitchen fires are ones that seem to be the most popular type of fire there is. Over 40 percent of all fires are kitchen fires and a vast majority of those are unattended cooking," said Beyerstedt.

According to the fire department, the family was cooking a late night meal and left a pot of grease unattended.

"It's easy to get distracted when you're cooking.  If your kids come get you and pull you away from the kitchen, turn off what ever you're cooking until you can devote your full attention back to that," said the Fire Chief.

The house's frame stands, but the inside is gutted.  The charred remains of a teddy bear is visible from the window absent of glass.  Now, the family the hardest part begins for the family: putting their life back together.

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