Three Lucedale men stranded overnight on Horn Island

Pictured left to right: Willie Newton, Rick Farrell and Lane Curry
Pictured left to right: Willie Newton, Rick Farrell and Lane Curry

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Three Lucedale men who set out Sunday for a relaxing day on the water ended up stranded on Horn Island overnight. The group was fishing Sunday when bad weather moved into the area.

"When we were getting ready to leave, the storm blew in," Lane Curry said.

Willie Newton captured some amazing video on his cell phone.

"It was uncomfortable," Newton recalled. "You get your brains beat out because the water was so rough; you are beating and bagging."

The group said the visibility was very low. So instead of going back to shore, they ended up near Horn Island. To make matters worse, they ran out of gas in the middle of the storm.

"It was miserable. It is an experience you don't want to go through every day," Rick Farrell said.

So the group of guys used their cell phones and called 911 for help. But all the while, the mighty storm was sinking their only means of transportation.

"The battery died due to swamping of the boat. We dropped an anchor and we were talking to the Coast Guard at the time, but the anchor wouldn't hold because the way the weather was."

The group said when the Coast Guard couldn't get to them because of the rain and lighting. That's when they realized they would be stranded for the night.

"We tried to stay out of the rain, under that bush."

The Lucedale group used life jackets for pillows, but was still getting drenched by the heavy downpour.

"You had to put your hand over your face so you can breathe while you slept, just keep the water out of your face," Curry said.

After such a miserable night, the men said they could only rejoice when Coast Guard arrived Monday morning to bring them back home safe and sound.

"I am relieved, relived.  I can take that deep breath like everything is alright now," Newton said about being back home.

"It feels great to be back, and I will never do that again," Farrell said.

The men said their first meal was a banana and some water Monday morning. As for the boat, they said it is still somewhere near Horn Island.

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