Gulfport Woman Sees Keesler Husband On Good Morning America

The wife of a Keesler tech sergeant says she was stunned when she heard her husband was on ABC's Good Morning America Monday morning.

Tech sergeant Travis Giese is a critical care air transport technician. He was among those helping to transport survivors from the weekend missile attack on a Chinook helicopter in Iraq. That's why a brief clip on the network Monday morning showed Giese helping with a stretcher carrying survivors of the attack.

His wife Nicole says she was thrilled to see her husband.

''I just wanted to reach out and grab him and give him a big hug," she said.

Travis has been in the Middle East for the past five months. In fact, his wife was nine months pregnant when Travis learned he was heading for that part of the world.

"Oh, I was upset. I did the normal, 'I don't want you to go, but I have to support you.'"

Nicole says she knows her husband is in harms way every single day. She sees the TV news reports of men dying in Iraq. Nicole says, to her, the war is not over.

"Every day you turn on the TV, and see that soldiers have died. My heart goes out to the family's that wait to see if one of their family members or friends has died" she said.

As for Nicole and her three kids, she has marked November 12th on her calendar. That's when Travis Giese comes home.