Jackson Co. NAACP gets involved in Pascagoula police shooting

The Jackson County NAACP is demanding that Pascagoula Police answer some tough questions about a fatal officer-involved shooting.

A Police officer shot and killed Floyd Beverly Jr. Wednesday. Officials said Beverly got out his car and headed toward the cop with a gun.  It all started when police stopped Beverly after it was reported he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend multiple times.

Beverly's Family sent a letter to the NACCP to launch this inquiry and it is filled with a lot of explosive claims about the shooting death and allegations of "unfair treatment" from the Pascagoula Police Department.

The family said something is suspicious about the incident and called the NAACP to help get answers.

"I just want the truth," Beverly's Mother Edmee Beverly said.

According to the Jackson County coroner, Beverly died from a gunshot wound to the chest.  NACCP President Curly Clark said when the family viewed the body; Beverly also had multiple gunshot wounds on his foot and thigh.

Another allegation is that police didn't notify Beverly's family of the shooting death or let them view the body before announcing it to the public.

"His name on the news, his face on the news, and they have not yet to tell me anything nothing," Beverly's mom said.

NAACP's Curly Clark said this is second time in two years a Pascagoula Police officer has shot and killed a black man.  In 2009, 55-year-old Grady Wells was killed when he jumped out of his car with a machete and charged police.

Pascagoula police department has stated that both shootings were actions of self defense.  All physical and video evidence in the Beverly case was turned over to the district attorney. Clark said the NAACP and the family still deserve their questions answered.

"We want to either dispel or confirm to it as far as the Pascagoula Police Department on their procedures toward apprehension."

WLOX called Pascagoula Police Chief Kenny Johnson, he chose not to comment on the story. Officials say they will meet with the NAACP this week to clear up any allegations or claims from Beverly's family.

WLOX will stay on top of this story and bring you the latest.

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