Corvette enthusiasts flock to the Coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Corvette Lovers from all over the country came together today in Gulfport.

The Touring Car Club made their way down to tour the Wrench Garage Museum and Gift Shop.

Tom Sage, is one of about 40 members of the greater New Orleans Corvette Club, who traveled to the Coast for today's special occasion.

"The fun of owning a Corvette is you can join various clubs, local ones. There are local ones all around and then we take our cars out and we do runs, we go to lunches, we do car shows, we visit other peoples' car shows," said Sage.

The rain put a damper on a number of Corvette lovers that were supposed to show up, still some drivers said they weren't going to let anything bring down this experience.

"It feels great because everybody has the same passion for their car. There's a lot of members who didn't drive their cars because of the rain. My cars on the road everyday rain or shine. I love my car," said Rita Landre, a general member.

"We always just have a lot of fun getting together and it's like a family. It's not just the cars, it's the comradery and just being together having a good time," Club President Malcolm Graff said. "We do have a bunch of members that participate with Crusin' the Coast. We also come here with the Mississippi Corvette Club."

A few members of this group said today's adventure was just a preview for what they plan on bringing to Crusin' the Coast.

Many of the Corvette Club members said they saw this event as a chance to build excitement for Crusin' the Coast.

"We'll be a part of Crusin' The Coast. We love coming down for that show. It's always a big popular show down here. It's an early run, [it] get's us familiarized with the roads, plus just an excuse to come up here. We love coming to the Coast of Mississippi. It's beautiful," said Sage.

So if you see a long line of Corvettes in the upcoming months, it just may be these Corvette Lovers making another trip to Mississippi.

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