Gas prices pump fun out of travel

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Seeing the little gas light go off on the car dash board now brings a sense of dread for many.

"It's terrible, $70 a tank, and I drive a truck for work," said Biloxi resident Brandon Wooldridge. "I'm on the road all the time, so I'm spending over $100 in gas every week. So, it hurts."

"They're fantastic, you know. Spend a lot of money on every day bills, rent, everything else and about to have to cough up about $80 right now for just a quarter of a tank of gas," Ocean Springs resident Neil Hatten said sarcastically.

"Wish they would go down. It doesn't seem like they'll ever go back down," said Biloxi resident Patrick Mulder. "Seems like they go down a little bit, and they just go up higher than they were previously."

According to AAA, gas prices have jumped nine cents in the last two weeks. Overall, prices are about a dollar more than this time last year. With the price jump in the middle of the summer, many travel plans have changed.

"I travel almost exclusively for work, so it really affects our bottom line. I'm about to put $80, $85 in gas just to go do a job," said Mulder.

However, locals may not have to use much of that precious gas to find some good summer fun. Those in the tourist business suggest folks can save by seeing what South Mississippi has to offer.

"Hopefully we'll be able to offer all the attractions of things you might see in all the premier tourist destinations so, hopefully you won't have to go too far from home," said Wooldridge who also owns Family Big Play in Biloxi.

By taking a "staycation," residents can both support the local community, and save on travel expenses.

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