Bobby Weaver stepping down as sand beach director

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Since 1999, Bobby Weaver has left his mark on the beach.  It's a way of life for most of us and is used for many activities. Jogging, riding a bike, digging for treasure.  Even trainees from Keesler Air Force Base can't resist an early morning workout on the beach.

For Bobby Weaver, his career can be summed up in one word.  "Katrina was the low point and the high point of my career because, yes the devastation and the impact and you look at what we did with it and how we recovered." Weaver said.

Part of that recovery was 10 miles of new, and stronger boardwalk.  "Fortunately, working with FEMA and other staff, we were able to do mitigation money and build a concrete structure that we're standing on now." Weaver said.  "We think this is going to be here for a long time."

Weaver is proud that dunes that were washed away in Katrina's storm surge have now been rebuilt.  "We've planted over 700,000 dune plants on the beach so it's in place." Weaver said. "It's just a matter of the dune grass now maturing to a state that it will do its job."

Future plans included covering the Highway 90 drainage pipes with eye pleasing removable structures.

Even though they may not know who Bobby Weaver is, or what he does for a living, those who use the beach on a daily basis give his job performance a big thumbs up.

So, will Weaver miss the beach, and the job?.  "It's a tough decision, that drive down Highway 90 is going to be tough when I know I don't have that fingerprint of controlling what may or may not be occurring."

Weaver's last day on the job is August 31st.  He's not exactly going to lead a life of leisure though.  Weaver will begin working in the private sector for Seymour Engineering.

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