Potter's sorcery is magical at midnight

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - For Harry Potter fans, it's the beginning of the end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened at midnight. And South Mississippi fans jammed into two Harrison County theaters to see the premiere.

The clock was inching closer to the bewitching hour.  And there was Justin Cano, anxiously waiting for Harry Potter to magically appear in this Gulfport theater. "It's a big fantasy land," Cano said, describing why he likes the Potter series so much. "Anything in Hogwards land can happen, anything you can think of. I'll go out and do a little wand fighting every now and then you want to wand fight let's do it."

Harry Potter fans like Cano could hardly contain their excitement about getting lost in fantasy land one final time.

"Harry Potter, I couldn't have waited for anything else. I've been waiting forever," he said.

At both Cinemark and the Grand Theater in D'Iberville, Potter fans dressed up as their favorite characters. They wanted this premiere, the final movie in the Harry Potter series, to be special.

Cadin Snow was one of the ticket holders in costume. "It is fun to get dressed up and I guess get really caught up in the story. I made my own wand and put on a tie," he said before showtime.

David Fondren explained that dressing up for the movies took plenty of preparation. "We started ordering our costumes online we put the lining on our robes ourselves," Fondren said.

And the elaborate outfits only exaggerate the fans intense devotion to the Harry Potter series.

"I'm probably going to go tomorrow, too," said Rachel Brewer. "But I had to go tonight because it is the last one. I've come to every midnight showing."

This crowd knows just about everything there is to know about Harry Potter and his wizardry. "I don't know if I'm the ultimate but I'm pretty much up there you can ask me anything about Harry Potter," boasted Snow. "I definitely know it backwards and forwards. I've read the book like a thousand times."

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