Three long haired men donate long locks

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Three long-haired men from South Mississippi got together Thursday morning to give-up their ponytails.

The trio donated their long locks to Pink Heart Funds, the non-profit group that provides wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair.

Each of the three has a personal connection that motivated them to donate. We met them moments before their hair met the scissors.

"I'm a little nervous. I've become and a lot of my friends have become, pretty attached to my hair, as well," said Mark Henderson.

Each of these men has a loved one or friend that prompted their donation.

"My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. And she actually got her wig from Pink Heart. So, this was my chance to give back to them for giving to my mother-in-law," Anthony Belk explained.

Bradley Stringer has a niece battling cancer.

"She grew up with beautiful hair. And as she got older, she lost it all. So, that was one of the inspirations. And the other inspiration was when Trang Pham Bui's daughter donated her hair on the news," said Stringer.

"I have a good friend, and she developed breast cancer 18 months. And she had a great inspirational story," said Henderson.

"We have plenty of pigtails to cut here!" said Pink Heart Funds founder JoAn Niceley.

All the hair that took some four years to grow was snipped away in a seconds.

"Do you feel ten pounds lighter?" Casey Clark asked Henderson.

"Yes, it's cooler already," he replied.

Long locks quickly become a handful of hair.

"Could you help me hold this hair?" Niceley asked Belk, laughing as she passed him a bunch of long hair that had been on his head just seconds earlier.

"That's one year of hard labor right there," said Henderson, clutching his now loose ponytails.

"There we go. There is my hair. Eight months of growing, donated to the good cause," said a happy Stringer, as he showed off his cut hair.

It's usually the ladies donating long locks.

"I think it's awesome because very rarely do we have men donate their ponytails. My husband calls me the scalper 'cause I'm always running up behind guys in Home Depot saying, give up your pony tail! I think this is awesome," said Niceley.

These good natured guys, who now share this uncommon bond and think it's pretty awesome also.

"It's a really good feeling, knowing we did this for this cause," said Stringer.

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