Homeowners fed up with trailers at entrance to neighborhood

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Village looks like any other quiet rural neighborhood. There's one exception. Two old model trailers that residents call an eyesore sit at the entrance to the neighborhood.

Lance Robinson is president of the homeowners association. He and his neighbors are fed up.

"The trailers were used as a sale office when the neighborhood was being developed," Robinson said. "The lots have all sold. Houses are being built, and it's just really time for the trailers to go."

While new homes go up, the trailers still sit, as they have for years. Robinson said they violate the county's zoning laws.

"I think one of the biggest concerns is the trailers are being used to conduct commerce. The commerce conducted has, number one, absolutely nothing to do with our neighborhood," Robinson said. "Number two, we're not zoned to be able to set up a business to conduct commerce."

When WLOX called the number for Singleton Development, voicemail answered Pac Utilities, with options for opening a new account or reporting trouble.

While most of the homeowners who live in the Village say the trailers at the entrance to their subdivision are not a very pleasing sight, they have another concern that's much more important, and it has to do with money.

Heather Fike owns a home in The Village.

"The trailers are the first thing you see when you come into the neighborhood and the trailers aren't in the best of shape either," Fike said. "So I think that with the trailers removed, I think it would bring up the neighborhood and bring up the value of their neighborhood."

The county supervisor who represents the area, John McKay, feels help may soon be on the way.

"Right now, they are operating off a special use permit, which I fully believe the county will reject very shortly when it comes before the planning commission."

That rejection cannot come quickly enough for the people who call the Village home.

The owner of the trailers has applied for an extension of the permit that allowed for the structures. A hearing before the county planning commission is set for 9 a.m. on July 20th.

Meanwhile, we left messages for Kelly Singleton, the owner, seeking comment. The calls have not been returned. Also, when I stopped by the trailers, no one was there, and they were both locked.

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