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Candidates Campaign As Election Day Draws Near

The Peter Anderson Festival was filled with everything artistic, but in the midst of it all, was politics.

Governor Ronnie Musgrove, along with the support of Congressman Gene Taylor, made his way down Washington Avenue waving at vendors, telling jokes, and of course, stopping to have a little fun with future voters.

"I've been out and about all across Mississippi. It's a great time to shake hands, to ask people for their vote and support. The feedback has been tremendous. People want a governor from Mississippi for Mississippi that's gonna put Mississippi first," said Musgrove.

And the Governor hopes these same people get out and vote for him on Tuesday.

Despite the fun and laughter, we couldn't help but wonder if the big names brought in by his opponent have any effect on his last few days of campaigning.

"This election is not about who can put the most ads on TV. It's not about who has got the most political friends. This election is about putting Mississippi first, setting priorities, and I have done that. Yesterday, I was endorsed by real people all across Mississippi. I believe that's much more important," said Musgrove.

One voter told Musgrove she prays every single week at church that he wins.

In just two days, we'll see if her prayers were answered.

After the festival, Musgrove's campaign trail continued to a few churches in Moss Point.

By Karla Redditte

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