Local store still making beautiful music 20 years later

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - "Pinkston's and Sons music" store in Gulfport is celebrating 20 years in business.

One of the few privately owned music stores in the state has grown tremendously in that time. It has also earned a reputation of fair prices and down to earth customer service.

Music has always been his passion. But Jim Pinkston needed to figure out a way to support his wife and new baby boy while still doing what he loves.

With a big grin Pinkston & Sons Music owner Jim Pinkston jokingly said, "I'd been a professional musician my entire life and it had to work, you know my resume? Memphis musician on the road 46 weeks a year, that goes a long way!"

In 1990 with just 3 thousand dollars and a prayer, he opened his small music store on Pass Road in Gulfport.

He said, "I found a little building, T.D. Varnado's office it was 12 foot wide, 40 foot long with 3 light bulbs hanging out of the ceiling."

Pinkstons went from that 12x40 space across the street, to 36-hundred square feet within 4 years to it's present size of more than 8-thousand square feet with the inventory to match.

He has professional PA systems, thousands of guitars and every instrument you'd find in any marching band. One of the only privately owned music stores in the state can boast several employees who've been there since the beginning and loyal customers like Hank Berumen.

Berumen said, "Jim has always been great, great store, great personnel, great prices he is the guy most local musicians turn to when their in a bind because he's the one who's kind of reached out when a lot of the other ones haven't."

A humble Jim Pinkston said, "I appreciate that and I don't take it for granted, but the guy that comes in to buy the 6 dollar strings or the $600.00 Stratacaster, they are both equally important to me".

Berumen said, "That's why he's successful because he's done so well with people, he's a good people person and he helps us out whenever he can".

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