Alternatives to television promote learning

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's such an easy fallback for parents, use the television to entertain our little ones while we take care of some chores around the house. Well, next time you may want to try some of these fun alternatives to get your children off the sofa and learning some valuable skills at your side.

For instance, when it's time to head to the kitchen to make dinner, invite your toddler to come along and help. Pretend play can unlock a world of imagination. Encourage them to prepare a meal for their favorite stuffed animals.

Pull up a small table and give them an apron, a few small pots and utensils and some safe ingredients, perhaps dry beans or cut up fruits or veggies. You may be amazed at what they come up with.

Or how about using play dough to create a five course meal? The possibilities are endless, and by letting them create their own meal, you're allowing them to explore shapes, colors, textures and sizes.

Or what if you're trying to tidy up around the house? How about letting your little one help you by picking up and sorting toys by color or size?

They can do the same with laundry. This is an excellent game to help them learn how to compare and contrast.

Use your imagination, and make chore time a happy time for you and your pre-schooler.

For more ideas, visit The Baby Center or Excel by 5.

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