Political signs get mixed reviews from voters

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - They are a sure "sign" of the approaching election.  Campaign signs for the various candidates are popping-up along South Mississippi roadways and throughout neighborhoods.

WLOX News asked voters if these political signs make a difference in which candidates they choose.

You can't help but notice them along busy streets and highways. Candidates are counting on such signs to boost name recognition. But are voters paying attention?

"I think it's a bunch of clutter myself. Doesn't do a bit of good for me to just see a sign.  You know, if I know the issues, that's all I need to know," said one middle aged voter.

"I definitely notice them and look at them. It does make me inquisitive about the candidate, but tells me absolutely nothing about them," said one young man.

Colors and sizes of signs are as varied as the candidates vying for office.  Some voters prefer faces over names.

"It helps to visualize. Especially with their picture on it. The name's not going to stick there, but you can associate the name with the picture or picture with the name after you see it," said one male voter.

"I think they're a distraction. They should be moved further from the street and they should be mandated to remove them just as soon as the elections are over," said a woman.

The challenge for the candidates is to find some way for their name to stand out among the others.

Some voters we talked with don't necessarily appreciate the signs, but rather consider them a part of the political process.

"I think so too, to get themselves out in front of the people," said one senior citizen.

Although they may be considered a traditional and accepted part of the campaign process, not all voters are happy to see the signs.

"It's just an eyesore in my opinion," said one lady.

"I think they're out too early and they stay up too long. And that is not, I don't vote for the person with the best sign," said another woman.

The primary election is August 2nd. Voters will be choosing candidates for various statewide, legislative and county offices.

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