Operation Heatstroke uncovers major drug source

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Officials in Jackson County say they've identified a major supply source of illicit drugs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The lead was discovered as part of round four of Operation Heatstroke, which took place Friday and Saturday nights.

The Jackson County Narcotics Task Force said the source was responsible for "supplying drugs to an up and coming gang, which is heavily recruiting new gang members throughout Jackson County."

The operation also led to 15 felony arrests, 55 misdemeanor arrests, and more than 127 traffic citations. (A full list of all those arrested can be seen below.)

Operation Heat Stroke started in 2007. It uses both narcotics agents, as well as undercover and uniformed patrol officers, to saturate one particular area to detect and deter crime.

So far this year, Operation Heat Stroke has concentrated its efforts in the cities of Moss Point and Gautier.

More than 60 officers from the Jackson County Sheriffs Department, Transportation Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Sheriffs Reserves, K-9 Division, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Gulfport and Hattiesburg Districts, Moss Point Police Department, Pascagoula Police Department, Gautier Police Department, Ocean Springs Police Department, DEA, FBI Safe Streets Task Force, and U. S Customs-ICE-Border Enforcement Security Team (BEST) assisted the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County.

Arrests from Friday, July 8, 2011:

Brondrick Derwin Abston, 37, Suspended Lic /No Insur / No Seatbelt

Kode Haynes, 21, Poss CS - Crack

Brandon Mayers, 19, Poss CS - Crack

Charles Nettles, 22, Poss CS - Crack

Gregory Allen White, 50, No Seatbelt / Poss Drug Paraphernalia

Robert Shelton, 41, JCSO Warrant

Douglas Bowen, 19, Poss CS - Marijuana

Robbie Shelton, 43, MPPD Warrant

Donna Fielder, 23, No Lic / No Insur / Speeding

Tommy Overstreet, 57, MPPD Warrant

Robert E. Armstrong, II, 45, Suspended Lic / Stop Sign Violation / No Insur

Shannon D. Thornton, 23, Poss CS - Crack

Antonio Duckworth, 36, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Latommmlel Meeks, 25, Simple Poss

Terrell Mitchell, 20, Simple Poss

Solomon Jones, 31, Switched Tag / No Insur / No Seatbelt / Simple Poss - Marijuana

David Broughton, 51, No DL

Gloria Tate, 51, Poss Paraphernalia

Matthew Broughton, 47, MPPD Warrant

James Walker, 19, No DL

Olwond Poole, no age available, MPPD Warrant

Donte Boulen, 26, Suspended License / MPPD Warrant

Damien Cunningham, 26, PPD Warrant

Terrence Halton, 28, JCSO Warrant

Sean Labiesor Jackson, 40, Suspended License

Jeffrey Holloman, 25, No DL

Albert Stevenson, 52, DUS

Elizabeth Irby, 59, GPD Warrant

Kenya Watson, 36, DUS

Issac Stallworth, 19, Poss CS - Crack while in Poss of a firearm

Devonta Willis, 17, Poss CS - Marijuana

Charles Barnes, 25, Poss CSw/I - Marijuana while in Poss of a firearm

Michael D. Williams, 26, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Chad Reynolds, 33, GPD Warrant

Brad Reynolds, 32, GPD Warrant

Justin Stork, 23, JCSO Warrant

Donald W. Stutts, 40, Sus DL / Switched Tag

Raymond Bryan Brister, 39, Poss CS - Vicodin / No Motorcycle Endorsement / No DL

Robin Scott Dixon, 46, Poss CS - Methadone

Daniel Chester Talbot, 45, DUI

Bruce Hunter, 46, PPD Warrant

David Vincent Drinkard, 40, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Larry Anthony Howard, 53, Simple Assault on an Officer Public Drunk

Major Jackson, Jr., 32, Disorderly Conduct / No DL

Dontae Marquis Harris, 20, Simple Poss - Marijuana / Suspended DL

Willie Robert Johnson, 55, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Arrests from Saturday, July 9, 2011:

Ray Walter Brock, 29, D.U.S. Citation & Warrant

Emmeett Holden, 40, No Seat Belt, No Insurance

Darrell Shannon, 32, Warrant (FTP) - MPPD

Derrick Terrell Mitchell, 45, Poss Paraphernalia

Ashley Renee Smith, 26, Failure to Yield to Blue Lights & Siren / Resisting Arrest / No Seatbelt / Reckless Driving

Lamar Stonewall Smith, 27, Simple Poss - Marijuana / No Seatbelt

James William Coker, 54, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Anthony Tulipano, 33, Running Stop Sign / No Seatbelt / No DL

Laderrick O'Neal Rostchild

, 19, Poss - Marijuana in Motor Vehicle / Poss Alcohol by Minor / No Seatbelt / No DL

Ladarius Evans, 20, No DL / Improper Turn

Amanda Thompson, 37, MPPD Warrant - Contempt of Court

Debbie Burnett, 50, MPPD Warrant - Contempt of Court

Derrick Dixon, 32, Simple Poss - Marijuana / No Seatbelt

Justin Edward Davison, 27, JCSO Warrant - FTP

Michael Bennett, 51, Poss - Crack / No Insurance / Improper Equipment

Joseph Lamar Benning, 20, Poss Stolen Firearm / DUS

Arthur Reddix, 33, No Seatbelt / No Insurance / DUS

Christopher Cook, 26, 6 Misd. Warrants - GPD

Lashanda Easter, 22, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Neisha Monche Hallway, 22, Poss CSWI - Marijuana

Kimmala Holloway, 37, No Turn Signal / Simple Poss - Marijuana

Darren DeFlanders, 38, Poss Sched II Controlled Substance (Cocaine) W/Firearm

Kendrick Cox, 25, Simple Poss - Marijuana

Jason Lee Scardino Sr., 33, Simple Poss - Marijuana

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