Gulfport house damaged in arson fire catches fire again

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Members of a Gulfport family who were trying to pick up the pieces after their home was damaged last week must now sift through the ashes a second time.

Police told WLOX that around 2 a.m. Sunday a fire broke out again at the home on 20th Street. Just days ago the Mills family home was one of three houses that burned during a fire that investigators said was intentionally set.

Early Sunday morning, a neighbor said she'd just come home from work when she noticed smoke at the house across the street.

By the time Gulfport firefighters put the fire out not much was left of the backside of Mills' family house. The family said that portion of the house had been spared in Thursday's fire which investigators ruled as arson.

Family members were too distraught to talk on camera, but said they'd already begun the process of trying to fix the house.

They had been gathering materials and friends were willing to donate their time and labor. Now with the second fire, they fear the house may be a total loss.

The Mills family said no one was at the house during the second fire.

However, when three houses were in flames on Thursday, several people including children barely escaped with their lives. People who live nearby said, with both incidents taking place in the overnight hours, sleeping soundly at night will be difficult until a suspect is caught.

The first fire started at one house and spread to the other two.

"Couldn't think of anyone that would do something like that for any reason," said Willie Arnold, a Gulfport resident. "I was really surprised. [How] all of it could have went down. I'm just glad that it didn't, and they were about to put the fires out."

Gulfport police said the cause of Sunday morning's fire is still under investigation.

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