Five Thousand New Fish To South Mississippi

Delisle Bayou near Menge Avenue may be the coast's newest "favorite" fishing hole. Five thousand new catfish are now living in the bayou, thanks to the Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks service.

Charles Vaughn is a tech with the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks service. The 67 year old has retired three times, but came back to replenish our waterways with fish. Vaughn wants to change the old stigma about Mississippi Catfish.

"They didn't grow as much, they had a big belly and big head and didn't have no meat," Vaughn said.

Fall is fish stocking season because it's easier to relocate fish when the water temperatures are cooler

"You got a good eating fish right here," Vaughn said holding a fish.

Tanks on the back of a truck, aerate about 5,000 catfish of all sizes.

Fish came right off of the truck on the water slide. For those fish that landed on the mud, they struggled for a second, but quickly found water.

"I guess they're kind of the busard of the sea, or the river.  Hopefully in the next year we'll have a good stock in here. It's been several years since the western part of Harrison county has been stocked," State Senator Scottie Cuevas said.

A new sports fish to enjoy from the catch to the kitchen.

Mississippi State University researches, studies, and develops the catfish at the hatchery in Meridian.