Residents react to Point Cadet Plans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - For the third time since the 1980's, Biloxi city officials are trying to revamp Point Cadet.  This time, officials say they have a winning combination of elegant designs that capture the area's spirit.

With the much anticipated design plans finally revealed to the public, the question now is, what do residents think?

The grand plan for Point Cadet uses both sides of the Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge, with a place for the Seafood Museum, green space, an extended marina and more.

The design is the result of months of meetings between city officials, urban designers and residents.

When the design was unveiled to residents, most responses were positive.

"I think anything that they did was such a great improvement, but this is really luxurious," said Biloxi resident Dick Wilson, who once owned a bait and tackle shop in the area.

"Nothing's really been done down there. This plan really takes in a lot of people's ideas from the last meeting and I think it's going to be a benefit to the city of Biloxi," said resident Albert Ott.

However, varied opinions and questions were also quickly voiced. Some questioned the amount of available parking and landscaping design.  A few have even asked that restroom facilities be added.

The plan's creator admits that some things like the placement of buildings and parking, will always be controversial, and some details will adjust and change.

Officials say the project will be completed in three phases, and is expected to cost around $24 million.  City officials hope to use Tidelands money to fund the project.

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