Moss Point's interim superintendent maps out road to success

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The Moss Point School systems new Interim Superintendent says he's here to resurrect the failing school district not to play politics. Dr. John G. Ladner is the man tapped by the school board to take over for Kim Staley, whose contract was not renewed.

The first day on the job for Interim Superintendent Dr. Ladner was filled with kind words, handshakes and a lot of excitement.

"It is going to be a great year, and I am excited," A Moss Point teacher said.

Many teachers and parents said they've have been hoping for change since Moss Point School District was put on probation by the state for testing and encoding violations. The new man in charge is well aware of the challenges.

"Many of those findings will be corrected on the first day of school. I realize a lot of what happened were oversights and accidents," Dr. Ladner said.

Ladner signed a six month contract with Moss Point Schools. He plans to revamp the curriculum and push teachers, all to make lessons stick with students.

"I believe through teacher training and teacher understanding, greater role, great input with an instructional process in the room, that we can change things around," Dr. Ladner said.

Ladner told the crowd he has a big challenge ahead, but he's no rookie. He said he will use his more than 30 years of educational experience to help Moss Point excel.

"I do not know what it feels like to fail, and I see Moss Point is in great need right now," Ladner said. "I came back to give them back their pride and pride comes from success."

Former Superintendent Kim Staley is still fighting to get his job back before this school year starts. His appeal hearing is set for Thursday of this week. School board members said his contract expired back in June, so they had put someone in place until that a decision is made in Staley's case.

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