Harrison Co. crews work to remove remnants of July 4th

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of people covered the beach Monday, and left a lot of trash behind. Tuesday, Harrison County crews were out early working to return the sand to normal.

For some, like tourist Elizabeth Ducote, the post-Independance Day mess was a little alarming.

"We kept expecting to see the normal beach. Peace and quiet. And it's like you're walking through someone's trash can," Elizabeth Ducote said.

Between the Climbing Pandas, Sparklers and Snap Dragons, Ducote was shocked by the amount of trash left behind from those who came out to celebrate.

"Seriously, it's kind of depressing to look out and see not only blown bottle rockets and cannons, but the seagulls trying to pick up gun powder," said Ducote.

Although the remnants of America's birthday party covered the white sandy beaches, Harrison County Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver said front end liners were out in full force cleaning up the trash.

"So, we got started at six o'clock and we're going to work all week," Weaver said. "We're going to reassess at the latter part of the week, and if we need to continue into the weekend, we will. It just depends on how well things get picked up."

Weaver even had a positive spin on the mess, saying it's proof the coast is coming back bigger and better than ever.

"It's probably been the biggest year since Katrina. And I guess with the burn ban and people coming down for fireworks, we're seeing a rise from the previous years," Weaver said. "I guess my view on this is if everyone enjoyed themselves, nobody got injured and there were no fires, then it was a great weekend."

"It was person to person. The beach was packed. They really did put out a good display. Everyone had a beautiful attitude, everyone got along well," said Ducote.

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