Green water mystery at popular Harrison County creek

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Part of the Little Biloxi River has turned green.

"It was really strange looking green. I can't think of a name to call it," resident Mike Wilson said.

Fearing the river could be contaminated, Wilson called county leaders to take a look.

"It could be sediment lying at the bottom, but you hate to speculate," Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver said.

Samples of the river were taken, but no answers to why the river is green were found.

"It doesn't have a smell to it, but it is one of those things if you start seeing an algae bloom, it would have some type of smell," Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacey said.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality also came out to the area to survey the water and get its own samples.

"We are going to do some investigation, and see where the color is coming from, but it definitely an unusual green color," MDEQ's Nick Gatin said.

Gatin said that there have been no signs of distressed wildlife or anything hazardous, but he does not recommend swimming in the green waters.

MDEQ said it could take a few days, or even a week, before they get the results to give a concrete answer.

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