Sheriff: Scammers targeting some Jackson Co. grandparents

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A few grandparents in Jackson County recently received some disturbing phone calls that officials say are coming from scam artists.

Sheriff Mike Byrd said the person calling claims to be the person's grandson or granddaughter. During the conversation, the individual claims to be in some sort of trouble and tells grandma or grandpa they need money for an attorney, who will be calling them shortly. The "attorney" will then contact them and tell them the information on how to send the money.

The sheriff said the phone calls are usually short, and the caller sounds very sincere, but don't believe it. Sheriff Byrd said if you get a call like this, contact family members first to confirm the story.

This isn't a new scam, but it apparently is making the rounds right now in South Mississippi.

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