Page 13: Keeping exotic animals cool in the summer heat

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - This hot, humid and dry weather has been hard on all of us. Imagine how the summer weather effects a tiger or a bear. That is the challenge for Jill Lusk at the Lazy L Farm and Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Stone County.

You'll find tigers, bears, giraffes, llama and an assortment of other animals at the farm, and Lusk says she uses every available tool to keep the animals cool.

"Shade, water, hoses, sprinklers, ponds, ditches, fans, air conditioners. We use all of them."

An air conditioner? You bet. A reindeer from the frozen north, living in South Mississippi, must be kept in an environment not to exceed 70 degrees.

A pond on the Stone County farm is a popular spot for the animals. Lusk's staff puts Gatorade in bottles to feed baby monkeys and a young giraffe.

Whether it's a zebra taken into a cool barn or a llama chilling out in a water filled ditch, the animals at the Lazy L Farm are understandably trying to beat the heat. And Jill Lusk says it's serious business.

"We're trying to keep everything cool and keep them from dying. They do have fur. It's hot for us without fur, so imagine how hot it is for them."

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