Random act of violence sends Waveland man to ICU

Michael Demond Tillis (l) and Timothy Martez Swan (r) (Photo source: Waveland Police Dept.)
Michael Demond Tillis (l) and Timothy Martez Swan (r) (Photo source: Waveland Police Dept.)

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - A Waveland man is fighting for his life after being shot several times in the chest and abdomen.

Under arrest are 21-year-olds Michael Tillis and Timothy Swan. Waveland Police said both men recently moved to Waveland from Jackson. They're accused of robbing, then shooting 19-year-old Glen Delsied.

Investigators said Delsied was walking home from a friend's house on Hogan Street when he was approached by Michael Tillis, who demanded cash. After Delsied turned over his wallet, authorities believe his attacker opened fire.

"He was shot approximately six times. He's in ICU and on a ventilator right now," said Investigator Laura Stepro with the Waveland Police Department.

Amazingly, after he was shot, police said the blood soaked, wounded man managed to make his way to a house just a few doors down from where the incident happened.

"He heard a knock on the door, he opened his door and the victim said he had been shot," Stepro said. "When the officers arrive, he gave a very detailed description of the suspect. Within seconds, another officer located a person fitting the description of the suspect and he was detained."

Police said what happened next could not have made their jobs any easier.

"Another person came up claiming that he was with the suspect and that their vehicle got stuck in the ditch."

Both men were arrested within minutes of the shooting.

"I feel that the victim just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the suspects saw the opportunity to rob him."

"You figure this street's only, what, four blocks long? And there's been four shootings? I mean, that's scary," said Waveland resident Myra Sager.

Sager lives a few yards down the street from where the shootings happened. She told WLOX News there have been four shootings on Hogan Street within the past three years.

"My husband and I are senior citizens and you never know who's going to be banging on your door in the middle of the night, and it's frightening. We thought when we got a policeman across the street, things would improve, but it hasn't happened."

She said it's incidents like this latest shooting that keep her on edge and locked in at night.

The suspects are being held with $100,000 bonds.

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