Animals forced out by wildfire return to Jackson Co. shelter

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Most of the more than 100 animals forced out of the Jackson County shelter due to heavy smoke and heat have returned. Workers evacuated the animals Sunday afternoon to a temporary facility in Vancleave.

"Anytime they have to go from normal to a sudden move like that, it is always stressful on them, but they will do real well," shelter worker Charles Collagen said.

The shelter's 24 hour evacuation to escape the raging wildfire near the shelter went according to plan. Manger Peggy Hoffman admits it was tough getting 100 cats and dogs out of this smoky building.

"They can always sense what's going on and they can smell that smoke," Hoffman said about the animals. "It scares them when they are in a panic and they can't escape. It was important that we get them out of here as quickly as possible, and bring them back and know they are safe."

The team said all the animals are okay, and now the focus is settling them down, giving them food, water and TLC.

"They will do better now that they are back here because they know this environment here is going to get back to normal," Collagen said.

The Jackson County Shelter Team hopes this incident will shine a light on the big need for these animals to find a permanent home.

"Hopefully, someone will open up their heart and their home and adopt one of them or two."

To learn more about adopting a pet from the Jackson County Animal Helter, click here, or call (228) 497-6350.

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