Bishop Rodi Returns From Pope's Anniversary Celebration

Bishop Thomas Rodi is back in Biloxi after traveling to Rome for the Pope John Paul, II's 25th anniversary celebration.

"I was able to attend the celebration of the Holy Father's 25th anniversary as Pope, the leader of the Church, and it was a very special moment," Rodi said.

This is Rodi's first time to Rome since becoming Bishop.

"Rome is a unique city, they call it the eternal city because of it's unique history that goes back before the time of Christ, but so central in the city of Rome today is St. Peter's square, St. Peter's Basilica the Holy Father's presence, it just permeates the city," Rodi said.

"There were tens of thousands of people that gathered there in St. Peter's square, the celebration of the mass was outside and it was both sad and inspirational at the same time. Sad in that the holy father has become so limited because of his physical infirmities, but so inspirational that with every once of strength that he has he continues to be a witness of his faith in Jesus Christ," he added.

"I had the honor of briefly meeting him and he impressed me as someone who is very alert, but his physical limitations are so obvious," Rodi said.

"Just to be in the presence of that huge throng, from all over the world, from every continent gathered there together was just a sign of the universality of the church and how the good news of Jesus Christ is spreading throughout the world," Rodi said.