Make a wish: Biloxi fountain turned on

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After the historic fountain at White Avenue in Biloxi was rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina, problems starting occurring. The city soon found out there were problems with the base of the fountain. But now repairs are complete and the switch to start the fountain was turned on early Friday morning.

Originally built in the 1920s, the historic Biloxi fountain is once again catching attention.

"I think it's a nice fountain," Thomas Stephens said. "I'm glad they turned it back on."

Gautier residents Thomas and Evelynn Stephens couldn't help but notice the fresh look to White Avenue during their morning walk along the beach."

"It is just lovely when you see the water going up and down," Evelynn Stephens said. "It's just look so beautiful and it improves the whole area."

Biloxi's Historic Administrator, Bill Raymond, said the fountain that was re-built after Katrina, and ran for almost a year before any problems came on the city's radar.

"We have had problems over the years keeping water in it," Raymond said. "So, we poured a new concrete base to it. And where the new concrete met the original concrete, it didn't adhere very well. So, we had to come back and cut out a section and re-pour it and there's a five layer system that finishes the inside."

Now that the fountain is back in operation and Raymond said it's just another thing that sets the city of Biloxi apart.

"We're happy with it. It looks great and it's working fine," said Raymond.

Evelynn Stephens said, "Adds beauty to the corner right there. And it's so serene and comforting."

The fountain was originally built as part of the White House Hotel that set on the North side of Highway 90.

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