National Expert Shares Money News With Women

A nationally-known financial expert and author, wants coast women to take charge of their money. Terry Savage spoke to about 700-people Wednesday, at the "

Financial Seminar for Women" in Biloxi. Savage encouraged women to get out of debt, and start investing. She also explained how women can use on-line banking, the Internet and other resources, to reach their financial goals. "Women have more financial resources, we're working, we own businesses, we have jobs, we create jobs for others, plus we're going to live an average of 5 years longer than men, so we're going to wind up with all the money, we need to know how to manage it," Savage said. A trailblazer for women in th financial world, Saveage draws her nationall recongnized expertise from her experiences asa former stockbroker, founding member and first female trader on the Chigao Board Options Exchange and a member of the Chicago Merchantile Exchange's International Monetary Market. You can ask

questions about personal finance over the internet.