Moss Point School District submits plan to get off probation

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point School Board President Clifton Magee and member Joe May said to have the district's accreditation downgraded is unfortunate and embarrassing, but the district can recover.

"There is an issue with an accreditation, there is an issue with confidence and we are going to erase that," May said.

The board members said the district has mailed off its corrective action plan to the Mississippi Department of Education to help erase the mistakes. The state dropped the district from accredited to a probationary status due to testing violations in the high school.

Also the state asserted that kindergarten students were being marked present for class before they even began school. Magee didn't say much about the new action plan.

"No, not until the state gives us verification that they have accepted this document as avenue to recover from."

While the board members have remained tight lipped about the specifics of the plan, they did tell me that extra training for teachers and stricter testing regulations on the list of improvements.

"It is as simple as two people being in the room when we are given test. There should not be any type cell phones or electronic devices in operation as far as testing is concern."

The district will now have to wait for the state to give the green light to carry out the action plan. Board members said if that happens, the state will then monitor the schools before the district is bumped up to accredited status again.

"It is our hope we will learn from our mistakes, and we will not revisit this again," Magee said.

Moss Point Board members said they don't know how long it will take before the district is taken off probation, but they hope it's this school year.

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