One Man Helps Others Beat The Odds

Hundreds of people gathered in the gym of Long Beach High School for a game of volleyball - one man standing alone against five teams.

"I do it to stand alone on the court illustrating beat the odds on your life and not to quit. And overcome the drugs, the alcohol, the peer pressure, the violence," said motivational speaker Bob Holmes.

The mayor and the alderman of Long Beach couldn't beat him.

Even the Long Beach High School football team, complete with an all-star player, couldn't beat him.

Even after playing more than 20 games earlier today, Bob's game was on point. But he wants his message to hit harder than the ball over the net.

"I've seen a lot of people die an early death, right in front of 2 million people, and I'll be perfectly frank with you, I'm tired of people dying. I'm sick of what drugs is doing to destroy people's lives," said Holmes.

You could hear a pin drop as children and their parents listened to a gospel message of hope, love, and perseverance.

The message came through loud and clear.

"A lot of what he said spoke to me in a personal way and he really touched me with his words and his action, proving that he could stand against the whole mass of people as one person," said student Brian Hamrick.

"I learned that you really need to speak out if you're a Christian, like he does. And it brought tears to my eyes when he told about Jesus and more people need to speak out and tell everyone," said student Brandi Oakes.

Hopefully, valuable points gained, to keep these kids from becoming another statistic.

If you would like to hear and see Bob's message of beating the odds, you can catch him in the Long Beach middle School gym on Sunday evening at six p.m.