Chinese drywall nightmare finally over for coast family

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - After more than four years, the Taylor family of Jackson County is back home, and their Chinese drywall nightmare is finally over.

"We live in a hour we can finally be proud of now," Jason Taylor said. "The last few years have been kind of iffy."

When WLOX News visited the home three months ago, the house was gutted. The German manufacturer of the drywall, Kanuf, paid to fix the home under a pilot program.

Amanda Taylor remembered how the drywall affected her family.

"It's stressful not knowing where or why their headaches are occurring so much, why they had asthma problems, doctors' appointments," Taylor said. "Our ACs were going out trying to keep everybody cool, keep our power bill down, it was very stressful. I'm really glad it's over."

The children are glad it's over too. Jacob Taylor is one of them.

"The TV near the chimney, and the couches over there, and everything is just perfect, and I like it that way."

Earlier this year, it was far from perfect Jason Taylor explained.

"As a father, it's my job to keep your family safe, keep them happy, keep your kids happy, keep Mama happy, and it was out of my control. There was nothing I could do," Taylor said.  "I was absolutely helpless."

While the Taylors are finally back home and living a comfortable life once again, there are hundreds in the South and across the country still living the Chinese drywall nightmare. And that is very frustrating for the attorney Steve Mullins, who is working in the pilot program.

"Here we are, almost a year out from its announcement, and we're getting two or three done a month," Mullins said. "And unless they can get a mechanism to get 30 or 40 done at least, if not hundreds done a month, it's going to fail. It's just too slow."

For Amanda Taylor, relief, while slow, is finally here.

"It's fantastic. It's like a new beginning. That's a good work for it, a new beginning," Taylor said.  "It feels good and I want to stay here now, and I didn't want to do that before."

The pilot program, funded by Knauf, has no set limits. Each house is repaired, no matter the cost. The Taylors estimate the cost to fix their home was about $150,000.

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