Knee surgery offers a new lease on life

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - More people are getting joint replacements than ever before, and for many it's a life changing experience.

La Rose Busby of Ocean Springs felt like her debilitating and painful joint disease was robbing her of her daily life.

"I couldn't walk and I didn't want to be here," Busby recalled as she wiped away her tears.

Busby was an active 53-year-old who felt her life was spiraling downward.

"I couldn't sleep during the day, I couldn't walk. I was on sleeping pills, pain pills; nothing was working and my joints were disintegrating."

Within a few short months, Busby went from walking, to using a cane, to walker, to barely being able to move around. Both of her knees had completely given out.

Her mom, Marion Parker, said it was painful to watch.

"I've seen what she's going through, and as a mother it was hard," Parker said.

But Busby's life started to turn around when she went to see Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Lance Johansen and Nurse Practitioner JD Smith, at the Mississippi Orthopaedic Institute in Gulfport.

"If I wouldn't have had the surgery, I don't think I'd be here right now. It really took an emotional toll on me, and physical toll. I've always loved my independence. I'm energetic."

Busby was determined to regain that independence. She had the first knee replacement January 31, followed by the second knee the following morning. She was up walking six hours after surgery.

"It has to come from your head and your heart. You've got to be motivated, and do what your doctor says. Take your medicine, go to therapy, and after that, continue to go to the gym and exercise."

Now she's walking, working, and enjoying her active lifestyle again.

"I've got a new lease on life. I wake up happy."

Busby's knee replacements made such a difference in her life, her Mom is now planning to have the surgery as well.

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