Summer Fair ends on Father's Day

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After 11 fun filled days the Biloxi Coliseum Summer Fair wrapped up at 9 p.m. this evening.

Organizers said this year they initially had a slow start, but eventually things picked up.

There were plenty of people on the coliseum grounds soaking up some sun in the last few hours of the Summer Fair.

Keith McKinney and his family flew in from Memphis and decided the Fair would be a great way to celebrate Father's Day.

"It feels good, it was kind of hot. Good breeze going, just having fun with the kids and family," said McKinney.

The McKinneys aren't the only ones feeling the heat. Coliseum officials said the fair has done well, but the high temperatures have definitely played a factor in ticket sales, but organizers said it was a situation they were prepared for.

"The heats had a lot to do with it. Yesterday we had about a hundred and three, of course we're down on asphalt," said Holmes. "We did come up with a twenty by twenty mist tent and we played with that for a while and now we see how to do it bigger and better."

With temperatures reaching record numbers, many would agree that the mist tent is a welcome addition.

"Being 98 degrees outside, it's perfect. Fantastic, I wish I had one at home," said Summer Fair attendee, Scott Davis.

"That was a big hit. You walk through the mist tent, you just get mist and then you walk out in the heat and the wind feels like it's cold, so that's been a lot of fun," said Holmes.

Promoters wanted to make this year's Summer Fair better by featuring some old and new attractions like performers, a rattlesnake show and a toddler tent.

Regardless of the sales, Coliseum officials said they are pleased with how the 2011 Summer Fair turned out.

Next weekend the Coliseum will gear up for Scraping The Coast.