Is Biloxi Against Development ?

On Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council voted unanimously against the rezoning for a proposed Wal Mart SuperCenter on the President Casino's Broadwater golf course property.

Wal Mart's attorney, Mike Cavanaugh, says the vote is another example of how there's an anti-development sentiment in Biloxi.

Ward 6 Councilman Tom Wall disagrees.

"I've helped Mike get through a lot of things over the last 10, 11, 12 years. He knows we're pro development, but we want smart development too, you know. We don't want to just sell the whole farm, and he knows that. It's just sour grapes," Wall says.

Cavanaugh told WLOX his comment was not directed at any particular city councilman, but rather towards the new zoning laws that he says make it more difficult for larger developments to come in to Biloxi.

Concerning the development project, Wall said, "I'm all in favor of a Wal Mart in Biloxi, just not in that location. It would be impossible to manage the traffic and I was very worried about the drainage. I don't think they had adequate preparation for what is going to happen here with all that concrete and rooftops".

Cavanaugh said no other developer has offered to pay and build streets or donate land that's unrelated to their projects in Biloxi. The street he is talking about is the new east-west corridor, and the donated land would be used for a public park.