Lyman Senior Center helping folks beat the heat

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - With this summer's record setting temperatures, all of us are trying to find ways to keep cool. When you consider the risk of heat stroke and dehydration, everyone should emphasize maintaining a normal body temperature, and that is especially true for our senior citizens.

That's why the Lyman Senior Center in Gulfport is helping seniors beat the heat.

"It's beautiful to have some where to come that's air conditioned and just relax," says Jessie Daniel, a frequent visitor of the Lyman Center.

She's not alone. The other seniors there all agreed, this is a great place to get out of the heat.

"My it's hot! It is hot outside," says Daniel.

Elena Morgan is also grateful to have a place to go on hot days.

"This is our second home. We'd be miserable if we didn't have this place. Home, no air conditioning, sometimes no TV and nothing to do," said Morgan.

The center's always changing calendar of weekly activities keep seniors not only cool, but busy.

"We have exercise equipment in an air conditioned atmosphere. We have puzzles, we have games, we have dominos, we have cards. And, of course, we have a nice meal in the middle of the day and they don't have to go outside," said Mary Maggard, Lyman Senior Center Director.

We try to make sure that they're here, that they're cool and comfortable, because we understand that some of them do choose between medicine, power bills and food," said Irene Smith with Harrison County Adult Care.

With the record setting temperatures we've seen recently, it's important that we all keep cool and hydrated, but that's even more crucial for our seniors.

"You have complications as you get older, your body needs to be hydrated and monitored quite closely, because it certainly would take you quite longer to get over something like this," said Maggard.

So until a new season arrives or the heat wave breaks, Jessie Daniel said she and other seniors like her will continue to keep their cool and enjoy their summer indoors.

If you're interested in the Lyman Center's services, you can reach them at (228) 832-2606 or email Senior Center Director Linda Maggard at

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