Church members shocked over gang battle in parking lot

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Surveillance video shows it was the chaotic scene at 11pm Wednesday night in the parking lot of LeMoyne Boulevard Baptist Church in St. Martin, as Jackson County sheriff's deputies arrive to break up a gang fight.

The church is always welcoming visitors, just not the kind that showed up last night.  The news came as a shock to church members.

"A group of people came and fought in our church parking lot. They were not affiliated with the church in any way," said Jason Clough, who serves as Minister of Music. "Not exactly sure why they came here, but it happened late last night after all the church members had left."

Thursday, the church was quiet and serene. But about 12 hours earlier, it was anything but. The fight took place in the side parking lot of the church. Investigators say the gang members were armed with anything they could get their hands on, including large bricks, and even rocks. The violent nature of the fight is evident, blood still covers the steps leading to the back entrance of the church.

This is not the type of event that church members are used to, and Clough said it has left them emotionally scarred.

"It's greatly concerning because we are here to be the light of the world.  We are here to represent Christ, represent our Lord. And for such a thing to happen here at the church, it's very disheartening. And we pray for these individuals, and we pray they can have a radical encounter with God that can change their lives."

All those arrested face charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

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