Potter Brian Nettles shares his passion

The gentle hum of a potter's wheel resonates through the woods in Harrison County. A clay pot takes shape under the watchful eye of Brian Nettles.

"The first time I touched clay and put it on the wheel, I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," Nettles said as he sat at the wheel.

Nettles is known for his colorful glazes and distinctive forms. He has been producing fine ceramic art for more than 20 years. He admits, it's his passion.

"I look forward to getting up every day, going into the studio and making pottery."

That creative fire burns as hot as one of his kilns.

"This is about 1,850 degrees," the said as he lifted a pot out of the gas powered kiln.

Fired at 1,850 degrees, Nettles uses a centuries old technique that originated in Japan called Ra cu. A drum and an open flame make the glaze react and find a unique color.

Brian has opened a combination studio and classroom where he teaches ceramic art. He's found that his students enjoy getting away from it all, sitting at the potter's wheel.

"Most of them come out after work or before work and get into the clay. When they sit down at the wheel and feel the clay, they think of nothing else."

Sharing the magic of clay. That's what it's all about for South Mississippi's Brian Nettles.

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