Moss Point School District now on probation

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's School District saga continues on. Now, its accreditation status has now dropped from "Accredited" to "Probation" after multiple violations at the schools.

The bad news comes on top of other problems, including the termination of the high school principal, dozens of teachers being cut and the superintendent's contract not being renewed.

Students and parents turned up at Tuesday's board meeting to let the school leaders know they are getting fed up.

"It is always the same thing and it's sad, and we have to go to school here," a student said about the district.

You could see the frustration and anger on the faces of those gathered when they found about the school district accreditation troubles.

"We have approximately six weeks before school and there are so many uncertainties," one school district employee said. "The stability in this district is frightening."

The School Board and Superintendent Kim Staley told the crowd the State Department of Education's Office of Accreditation downgraded the district to a probationary status. They said the two reasons for the drop are testing irregularities at the high school and falsely reporting kindergarten students present before the start date.

"As the superintendent, I am reasonable for this," Staley said. "Everything that was cited is fixable; I have put things in place fix this. For an example, making sure people are properly trained, according the Mississippi Department of Education."

But many people who live, work and attend schools in Moss Point said they're not buying the excuses and promises anymore.

"In the shape that we are in now, with the turmoil the district is in, I don't have confidence to bring my child back here," one parent said. "It is solid one day, and the next day we don't know. And that is not good for our children."

The district has 60 days to present a plan of action to the state before being considered for an accreditation change. Superintendent Staley said those plans have already been submitted.

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