Re-sentencing: Minor 8 years, Whitfield 6 years, Teel 5 years

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Former Mississippi attorney Paul Minor and two former Harrison County judges got new prison sentences Monday afternoon, following a lengthy and often delayed re-sentencing hearing.

Minor will have a little more than three years to serve in prison, and former judges John Whitfield and Wes Teel will have each have around 18 months left. The three men were convicted of a judicial bribery scheme back in 2006 when Minor gave money to the judges for what prosecutors say was payment for favorable outcomes in civil cases.

After their initial sentences, a federal appeals court vacated their bribery charges, but upheld others. That meant all three had to be re-sentenced.

"We were grateful the judge did give him a reduction," Minor's defense attorney, David Debold said. "Obviously we had asked for more, but I know my client seems to be very pleased by the possibility that he looks like he'll be getting out about three years earlier."

In addition to the time behind bars, Minor will have to pay a fine of $2 million, plus a $1.5 million fine in conjunction with Teel.

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