Supervisors endorse plans for elevated walkway over Hwy 90

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Harrison County supervisors on Monday endorsed the idea of building an elevated pedestrian walkway across Highway 90 at the I-110 loop in Biloxi.

Project supporters say the current situation, with pedestrians dodging traffic while crossing the busy highway, is a disaster waiting to happen.

The roughly $2 million project involves building an elevated pedestrian walkway alongside the I-110 traffic loop, next to the Four Points Hotel.

"This is a grass roots effort. No one has been paid. But it's something we see as a definite need," Biloxi resident Frank Genzer told the supervisors.

The manager of the Four Points hotel says the current situation is downright dangerous. With the nearest traffic light crossover some ten blocks away at Porter Avenue, visitors choose to take their chances darting across the busy highway or even climbing over concrete barriers at the base of the I-110 ramp.

"It's absolutely amazing. People are carrying little kids, crawling over barricades crossing the street, dodging traffic. Cars dodging pedestrians. And it's just a matter of time and this is something we have to quickly put in place," said Hotel Manager Kenny Glavine.

Funding for the project could come from several sources.

"There's a possibility of tidelands funds. There's also a possibility of transportation funds. We're going to be applying for both. The total cost of this project will probably be somewhere around $2 million," said Genzer.

It's easy to understand the public safety concerns. Stand near the Four Points Hotel and you're likely to see people trying to dodge their way across a busy Highway 90.

"It's something that I think is very, very dangerous. And it's something that was an oversight originally with the I-110 ramps were installed," Genzer said.

Supervisors agreed to support the plans. Supporters will also ask the Biloxi City Council for its endorsement.

The elevated walkway would connect with an existing sidewalk on the north side of Highway 90.  That sidewalk goes all the way to Back Bay and also connects with sidewalks leading to downtown Biloxi.

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