Jackson Co. neighbors relive fire horror

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Several folks are back home tonight after being forced out by Saturday's gigantic blaze. Fire swept through parts of Jackson County ruining 850 acres of trees and shrubs. Residents said they are relieved no homes or lives were lost.

Samien and Logan Rust are now back home on CC Camp Road after a living nightmare.

"It was huge I never saw a fire like that before," Logan Rust said.

"I was really scared when my dad told me to pack up," Samien Rust said.

Saturday's enormous fire raced across their Jackson County neighborhood chasing them out of the area. Although dozens of evacuations were lifted around town Sunday, smoke still filled the air and the flames left a path of destruction.

"I am happy our house wasn't burned to the fire," Brenda MacDonald said.

Brenda MacDonald and her husband John MacDonald were also relieved they had a home to go back to Sunday. But the couple admitted they were scared when they saw the destructive fire inching toward their home across the street.

"I was sick, did a lot of praying, and a lot of crying," Brenda MacDonald said.

"I climbed up on the roof, got the garden hose, got the ladder, and started wearing down the roof." At that time, the fire department looked at me and said you need to get down and evacuate immediately," MacDonald said. "I looked over and saw the flames and they had to be at least 50 feet high."

Mississippi Forestry Commission Officials said they believe that someone sparked this fire despite the ban burn in Jackson County right now.

Folks in the community were shocked.

Firefighters said they had fire under control and spent most of Sunday just putting out hot spots around neighborhoods.

Folks in the county are now praying they never have to live this nightmare again. The Sunplex Rehabilitation Center in Jackson County also evacuated nearly 60 patients to other facilities.  The manager expects to move those patients back to the center Monday morning.

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