Biloxi City Council readies changes to Popp's Ferry Road

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi City Council will take up a memorandum of understanding with the Mississippi Department of Transportation in hopes of adding changes to the intersection of Popp's Ferry Road and Cedar Lake Road.

The heavily traveled intersection has been the cause of numerous accidents in the past as well as frustrations for motorists.

As frustrations flare for the Biloxi motorists passing though the Popp's Ferry Road, city council members want those citizens to know that they hear their cries.

"Constantly asking me, 'when are we going to get started?' You know, these are the things that they constantly asking me and this is one of the most important things that I'd like to see done," Biloxi City Councilman Ed Gemmill said.

In the memorandum, which will improve infrastructure, traffic lighting and add additional lanes, the city is expected to provide 20 percent of the expenses and MDOT will cover the other 80 percent.

Though no start date has been issued, Councilman Gemmill said the city is still on track.

"What has been done, is all the right away has been purchased by the City of Biloxi and the environmental impact study has been done by the City of Biloxi," Gemmill explained. "These things, were ahead of the game."

Councilman Gemmill said this project has been a big concern of his for quite sometime because of the potential danger that exists if changes aren't made.

"I'm tickled to death that we have this and it becomes a priority when you have school children involved. If you've got two buses and a semi going down that road at the same time, it's very dangerous," Gemmill said.

So for now the city is telling those angry drivers not to worry because help is on the way.

"We'll find out more on Tuesday you know if the city has our 20 percent and the city is matching 20 percent and 80 from MDOT then I'd push for it to get started tomorrow if possible," Gemmill said.

MDOT Commissioner Wayne Brown said the federal money for this project is already in place.

As soon as the city presents its 20 percent obligation, workers can get started on adding new lanes and improving the road in about 90 days.