WLOX To Host Gubernatorial Debate

As the November 4th election approaches, we head to the campaign trail.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Haley Barbour said he's not offended by a New York Times article calling him "Mr. Washington."

Barbour was on the Coast Saturday night. He took in a Sea Wolves game at the Coliseum. He said he wanted to show his support for the team, and the coast in general.

As the SeaWolves fought it out on the ice with the Pensacola Ice Pilots, Barbour is also preparing for a battle of his own--a debate with Governor Ronnie Musgrove here at WLOX Monday night.

As to the New York Times article, Barbour is not bothered by the "Mr. Washington" title, because he thinks his years of experience in the nation's capital could help Mississippi.

Barbour said, "It'll be an honor for me to take the skills, the experience, and the relationships I've developed over the last 20 years, and put them to work to help turn Mississippi around, and give our children the future that Mississippi has the potential to offer."

Barbour said 37% of our state's budget comes directly from the federal government.

The state budget is sure to be one of many issues Barbour and Governor Ronnie Musgrove will face as they square off in Monday's debate.

Some South Mississippians said they have some suggestions on what issues the candidates should tackle.

Biloxi Councilman Eric Dickey said, "One of the major items they should concentrate on is education. How we're gonna deal with our budget right now as it looks like the state of Mississippi is falling in financial difficulties. I think that should be the main issues along with teachers pay raises and things of that nature."

Teddy Gartman said, "They need to stop bickering back and forth and accusing each one of being an outsider or one being taken from one group or another and come out with their plans on how their going to solve the mess."

"Number one Medicare, and number two prayer in schools and the pledge of allegiance to the flag," said Edwin Quave.

Rebecca Lowery, said "The drug problem here on the Coast and enforcement thereof, we're losing kids left and right, education needs to be a priority, AIDS issue needs to be addressed. I think more money needs to go to the funding of the task force and all that."

You can watch the final televised gubernatorial debate, Monday night from 7 P.M-8 P.M. on WLOX. David Elliott will be the lead panelist. John Johnson from WTOK in Meridian will also be a panelist.