Lucien Smith files finance report, raises $489,000

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Lucien Smith, Republican candidate for Mississippi Treasurer, Friday filed a finance report showing he raised $489,558 to date and has $435,046.64 cash-on-hand.

The report, filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State's office shows $225,750 raised in the first five months of 2011.

"I continue to be humbled by the support I have received from across the state," Smith said. "With 53 days left until election day, we look forward to moving into the final stages of the campaign."

In addition to having been a Budget Advisor to Governor Barbour, Smith is a Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, a designation conferred by the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada, based on an examination of fiscal issues facing state and local treasurer's offices.

In December 2010, Smith left the Governor's office for private practice, and is currently Counsel at Balch and Bingham LLP.

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