Bikers roll through Ingalls Shipyard to honor veterans

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Friday, for the second year in a row, more than 40 bikers traveled from Camp Shelby to Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula to take part in the Veterans Bike Rally.

The sound of roaring engines could be heard miles away as the bikers approached the shipyard entrance. As the patriotic riders got closer, the crowd cheered and waved American Flags in appreciation.

The folks at Huntington Ingalls Industries say they're glad happy to support this cause.

"This is their safety awareness week and this is their safety ride," said Tim Farrell, Vice President of Engineering for Huntington Ingalls. "They contacted us last year to participate and this is our second year to participate, so we're glad to."

"At this time, we probably have more deaths and accidents this year than what we had last year. And probably about 85 to 90 percent of that is not fro mm the motorcycles themselves, it's from people not paying attention to the riders," said Thomas Case of Brigade XO 150, Camp Shelby.

Event organizers said while promoting motorcycle safety, this event was also an opportunity to honor our veterans.

"In honoring our veterans, we try to go to old military sites, or sites that have something to do with the military," said Case. "Here with Ingalls, the Battleship of Alabama, or to a veterans home."

"Everything that we do is significant, because of who we're doing it for," Farrell explained.

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